Why Mobile Phone Recycling Awareness Is Needed In The UK

June 12, 2011

In the UK most people regularly upgrade their mobiles for a better model. Some people upgrade their old phones whenever a new model hits the market. The old mobiles are then thrown in to the bin and most of them end up in the landfills. According to researches, it could take thousands of years for an old mobile and its battery inside to fully decompose.

Harmful chemicals can also leach out from the mobile units thrown into the landfills and can pollute our water bodies, soil and environment. One incorrectly disposed of mobile phone can pollute as much as six hundred thousand litres of water.

There is legislation in the UK that states that it is an offence to throw an old electronic device in the dustbin. Instead they should be taken down to local recycling centres, donated to charities, reused or recycled elsewhere.

There many mobile phone recycling firms in the UK that recycle old mobile phones according to the WEEE directive and other recycling standards set by European Union. Recycling Your IT is one such company. We also offer e-waste collection, disposal, recycling and data destruction services. By letting us recycle your old handsets you’re contributing your bit to save the environment.

If your business has old mobile phones lying around, don’t throw them into the bin. Let them find their way to our recycling centre to be recycled properly. We offer office equipment recycling as well as mobile phone recycling.