Laptop Recycling in the UK

October 10, 2011

In 2007, the WEEE directive came into force. This law insists that all used laptops and other electronic items need to be recycled in the UK.

One way to ensure your laptops are properly recycled in the UK is to seek the help of a professional service provider. They can offer legally obliged recycling and disposal of WEEE items. The other option is to give your old laptops, if they are still in good condition, to charities.

Laptop Recycling UK: Security

Whether you are giving your laptop to a charity or to a recycling centre in the UK, make sure that the data stored on the device is completely erased. If the confidential data is not completely erased, it may fall into the wrong hands, opening you up to all sorts of problems. When sending off your laptop for disposal, check whether data wipe services are offered as well. If so, before reprocessing your devices, the recycling company will make use of a specialist piece of software to wipe off data in accordance with the WEEE directive and other recycling and data security laws.

If you are looking for a laptop recycling service centre in the UK that can wipe off your confidential data effectively and recycle your used electronic devices in an Eco-friendly manner, Recycling Your IT would be happy to help.

We operate in full accordance with the WEEE directive, are licensed by the Environmental Agency and are fully insured on and off site. In addition to recycling, we offer asset tracking solutions and can also provide certificates that will help you meet quality assurance requirements.