Laptop Recycling Concerns

February 11, 2011

Like all other electronic equipment, laptops also have a limited useful life and once they reach it, they need to be to be disposed of safely. Recycling or E-cycling is the best way to dispose of them.

Before sending your laptops for recycling, consider the following facts.

Data Wipe: Wiping data completely of your laptop is very important as you might have stored your personal data like photos, letters, credit card numbers, passwords, customer lists, contracts, etc on the machine. Even after you have deleted these files the information can remain in the laptop. If you send your laptop to a recycling agency that does not offer data wipe/data destruction services, there are chances that personal information stored in your machine can fall into malicious hands and be misused. So, make sure that the recycling agency in question destroys confidential information before recycling or sending it to a charity for reuse.

The WEEE Directive: Finding a company that adheres to the WEEE directive is equally important. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation or WEEE governs the disposal of electronic items. This regulation strives to reduce waste from electrical items by encouraging reuse, recycling and environmentally safe disposal. To ensure that your laptop computers are not just shipped to underdeveloped countries, but recycled properly in an environmental friendly manner, you need to find a recycling agency that is WEEE certified and has necessary licences to carry out the job.

So, if you want to get rid of an old laptop, entrust it to the hands of a recycling firm that offers data wipe and works in line with the WEEE directive. Recycling Your IT is one such company. We ensure complete data wipe and legal recycling for your used laptops.