Does your company know where your E-waste goes?

September 29, 2011

According to a recent survey, one of the five senior information technology managers in the UK is uncertain whether their company’s electronic waste is getting recycled properly. The survey is released by a non-profit organisation Computer Aid International. The survey also says that only 14 percent of companies opted for reuse.

The survey was conducted to analyze the IT recycling and disposal practices of some of the UK’s largest companies. Only 65% participants were confident that their IT is recycled properly. Though reuse is the ideal method for getting rid of old computers, the research indicated that most companies prefer recycling. Among the participants 28% of companies recycle all of their IT assets while 41% recycle over half.

It is found out that 63% cite data protection concerns as a reason for not choosing the reuse option. Cost is also shown to be a major factor. 53% of respondents state that cost factors influence their decision not to reuse while 24% indicated that contractual obligations made them rethink going for reuse.

One way to prevent your IT waste reaching landfills is to find a certified IT recycling company in the UK. Such companies will be able to offer audit reports and asset tracking. This will help you ensure that the recycling, reuse and disposal process is done in line with the WEEE directive and keep you informed.

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