IT Recycling Involves More than PCs

November 25, 2010

One of the reasons small businesses are not recycling all their e-waste is because they simply are not aware of what items can be recycled. Many are under the impression that recycling is just for computers, but this is not the case.  All types of electrical equipment and electronics should be recycled properly.

Most office equipment can be recycled, including fax machines, printers, servers, copying machines, mobile phones, keyboards and other peripherals. You can recycle almost anything you have in your office. Some equipment can be reused, others can be broken down into usable parts, and the rest can be recycled for their base materials, meaning precious resources are conserved.

The disposal of IT equipment and other electronics is regulated by the WEEE directive. Businesses have a responsibility to dispose of their e-waste in an appropriate and responsible manner, so it’s important to be aware of what can be recycled and what to do with it. However for many businesses this is time consuming and an aggravation. Many are also still concerned that they may miss something or not fully understand their responsibilities.

The easiest solution is to use a service that collects your old electrical equipment from your business and deals with the recycling side of it themselves. Using a reputable company will ensure that your business is complying with the WEEE directive and avoid any penalties you might otherwise incur.  Are you aware that if your company uses a recycling company that is not reputable and disposes of the e-waste illegally your company will be held responsible, so it is extremely important to use a company that is well established and follows all e-waste procedures.