IT Recycling for Banks

The banking industry holds some of the most sensitive data meaning there is a high risk of it being compromised. Recycling Your I.T. can help meet your recycling needs by securely erasing data from a range of devices. We deal with PCs, Laptops, Servers and other Networking equipment. We also have the capacity to securely erase and/or destroy all storage devices from Hard Disc Drives, Solid-State Drives and mobile phones/tablets etc.

We have worked with numerous international banks, multinational insurance providers, retirement specialists and accountants. They are as aware as the rest of the financial industry that there is value in the equipment they hand us as well as the data. In some cases, we can profit share with our clients if the equipment has value, to find out more see our page on Profit Sharing:

As well as the erasure of data, we also have the capacity to remove the banks redundant IT equipment . Offering a fully tracked service, we can meet any specific requirements you have, onsite or offsite.

What makes us special?
At Recycling Your I.T. we meet and often exceed industry standards. We are ISO 9001,14001 & 27001 certified as well as being accredited by our industry governing body. So, you can be sure to trust us with all forms of sensitive data.

The Process
The process is simple, after receiving an enquiry, someone from the Client Care team will contact you to gather information on the task in hand. When the time and date have been agreed as well as the list of items to be collected, one of our securely tracked GPS vehicles will make its way to your premises. The driver will then carefully, securely and efficiently remove the items from your premises and make their way back to our premises. Every asset will be barcoded, so it can be tracked through every step of the process. Hard drives will be logged then erased or destroyed. If the asset can be resold it will go through to our Product Sales Team where the selling process takes place.

For more information please contact one of our experts on 01279 215000, or email [email protected]