IT Recycling Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

July 18, 2011

Does recycling electronic equipment seem to be more complicated than it needs to? Here are some tips that will make your office equipment e-cycling easier:

Conduct an e-waste audit: The best way to start recycling your IT equipment is by spending some time to conduct an e-waste audit in your office. Find out where the most IT waste is generated in your office. Identify the source of the waste. See if you have any IT equipment in good working condition. Calculate the cost of e-cycling as accurately as possible.

Check with local charities: Check with local charities to see if they need any old computers and copiers. If yes, consider donating the old IT equipment that is still in good working condition to them. They will make good use of it and this way you know your recycling efforts are helping those that need it.

Hire an IT recycler: Contact a local IT equipment recycling company in your locality, ask them to send you a quote and, if you are happy with the quote, let them collect and recycle your e-waste for you.

When you choose a recycler, make sure that they have all the necessary licences to carry out the job. Choose a company that is certified to dispose of items that fall under WEEE regulations, to ensure you comply with the law. It is also worth finding out whether the company you choose offers data destruction services along with IT recycling, to protect you from identity or data theft.