Explaining our Profit Sharing Scheme

November 2, 2018

profit share

As a business, you already know that you have a legal obligation to dispose of your electronic and electrical waste responsibly, and you may also feel a moral obligation to reduce your impact on the environment as much as possible. While these are both important considerations, Recycling Your IT is now offering an additional incentive to recycle your IT and electrical equipment with our profit-sharing scheme.

Our new scheme allows you to realise some of the money back on your high asset value items as we dispose of your items on a profit-sharing basis via our longstanding remarketing channels. Depending on how much the equipment we collect from you is worth, a proportion of the profits our remarketing services realise is shared back to you as a member of our profit-sharing scheme.

The benefits to you are numerous. Firstly you comply with our legal obligations, secondly your business is recognised for doing its bit to reduce its impact on the environment, and thirdly you could make considerable savings whilst offsetting the cost of new equipment upgrades against what you realise with the old.

As a significant amount of the assets that we take off our clients’ hands is subsequently refurbished and remarketed, thus extending the life of old equipment and keeping unnecessary waste out of landfill, we are excited to share the financial gain from this with our clients. We believe that this will encourage even more effective recycling of IT and electronic equipment and help all of us work towards a more sustainable environment.

How it works

Once you contact us to express an interest in our profit-sharing scheme, we can proceed one of two ways. We can arrange with you for a member of our valuation team to pay your business a visit. They will do an on-site survey of the assets you wish to dispose of and then give you a written estimate of their market value together with a proposal for the profit share. Or, if you prefer, you can send us a list of your legacy equipment for our remarketing experts to evaluate in order to give you a valuation and profit share proposal.

If you are happy with the proposal, we will arrange to collect your equipment, at which point you will be provided on site with the relevant legal documentation to prove that you’ve complied with the WEEE Directive. If appropriate you will also receive a certificate of data destruction in due course.

Once the items arrive at our refurbishment centre they will be fully tested, all data will be wiped from them and we will reload software to the original factory settings if this is appropriate. The assets are then PAT tested and cleaned, ready to be photographed and catalogued to be put on sale via our long established global marketing channels.

You will receive a monthly statement specifying which assets have been sold and the amount you should invoice us for. Upon receipt of your invoice we will arrange for a BACS payment to be made directly into your bank account.

If you are interested in finding out more about our profit-sharing scheme or want to arrange a site visit, please contact us on 01279 215 000 or at [email protected] for more information.