How we Recycle Computers

September 24, 2010

One of the first thing that businesses we work with want to know is exactly how we recycle computers and other electronic devices.
With an alarming increase in global warming issues and owing to plenty of go green initiatives occurring across the UK, recycling has become an important and inevitable process during disposal of any computer. At Recycling Your IT we cater to the pressing needs of today’s IT world in the area of recycling. We offer disposal of not only the PCs themselves but also the peripheral devices such as monitors, LCD screens, keyboards and PC towers.

As a first step in IT recycling, any components of a PC, server or indeed and electronic item that are considered useful are retained and refurbished for future use, while all the components that are useless are segregated for disposal. Segregating the components based on the materials such as plastic, metal etc is done to identify the safest and best means to recycle them.

Also, in some cases the components are broken down to their raw materials for more effective segregation which in turn allows more appropriate disposal techniques. This helps ensure that nothing ends up in landfill sites. Wiping out any confidential data from the hard drive of computers is also done on demand, and a certificate citing that it has been done is provided for assurance.

The WEEE disposal techniques employed by us prevent generation of toxic waste or mindless fill up of landfills. The process followed for disposal adheres to WEEE directives, and is completely eco-friendly. We have identified the most suitable and ecological way to recycle computers and if necessary will send segregated raw materials to the relevant specialist recyclers. Improvement techniques are constantly being implemented by us to make computer recycling more effective so that you can trust us to recycle your electronics appropriately.