How to reuse and recycle old electronic equipment

December 2, 2010

Electrical equipment manufacturing and disposal causes a lot of environmental damage. Manufacturing uses precious energy resources and disposal causes problems because electronics contain harmful contaminants.

Computers do not always need to be replaced. You may be able to upgrade and get more use out of them. Even if you do end up needing a new computer then you could reuse some of the parts if possible, such as the monitor or keyboard. Mobile phones are responsible for large amounts of electronic waste. The best thing to do is keep your phone for as long as you can, then see whether it can be reused by someone else. If not, then it should be recycled appropriately.

These types of items will have a symbol on them that tells you they can’t be thrown away with your regular waste. If you see the symbol then you know that you have to find an alternative to throwing it out. You either have to reuse it in some way or find somewhere to recycle it.

Almost every type of electronic equipment can be reused or recycled. Before you get rid of any type of electronic device take another look at it. Can you reuse it or reuse any of the parts? Could someone else reuse it? If you are sure it is no longer in working order and can’t be reused in whole or part, then prevent it from ending up in a landfill by using an appropriate recycling service.

When buying new electronics it’s also worth checking whether the supplier will take your old electrical equipment off your hands and make sure it is recycled properly.