How to Recycle your PC

August 5, 2009

How to recycle a PC Safely

Have you brought a new LCD display and wondering how to dispose of your bulky old CRT monitor? Perhaps you have invested in a sleek new laptop or tablet to replace your old desktop computer. Obviously one big reason you opted for a new LCD or computer is the space, less power consumption, better technology, greater functionality and storage capacity and less eye strain and better clarity. However, did you know that  incorrect PC disposal is illegal, so it is important to make sure you recycle any old LCD displays with a company that follows the WEEE directive.

Computer equipment wastes are hazardous and dangerous to environments. Disposing a monitor or any computer related equipment is environmentally unsound and hazardous as most components contain mercury, cadmium or lead to name a few nasties. The Environmental Protection Agency mentions that computer equipment wastes are one of the fastest-growing problems.

To overcome this issue, many services have started in the United Kingdom and businesses who can help you dispose of computer components or accessories in an environmentally friendly manner that follow strict guidelines on recycling of PC’s and any old electronic equipment.

Another option to dispose computer equipments is to donate it to organisations or individuals who are really in need provided the equipments are in good working condition. This also provides a feel-good solution as you will be helping out someone in need. There is a great phrase used in the IT recycling industry which we like to refer to as “the 3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. If we can all as a society follow this idea, we can help reduce the impact on our planet.

Before you think about how to recycle your PC you need to ensure all your data is wiped from the hard drive.  Recycling Your IT offer an on site and off site data wiping service so you can feel safe in knowing none of your personal or private information will end up in the wrong hands.