How to Recycle old Office IT Equipment

October 15, 2020

old office IT Equipment

With the move towards home working, the office is looking to be a very different place in the latter part of 2020. A lot of companies are downsizing their office space in favour of non-customer facing staff working from home offices. This means a change in the amount and type of IT Equipment needed and often a surplus of e-waste that requires recycling.

An e-waste IT recycling company is your first port of call. Not only because businesses are bound by WEEE legislation and a responsibility to protect personal data held on computer kit. But also, because it’s a cost effective and hassle-free way to get the job done.

IT Equipment and E-Waste Data

Before any computers are broken down into component parts all data is properly wiped to protect any personal or sensitive information. Simply deleting files isn’t enough as the information is still contained on the hard drive. It’s critical to get your old IT Equipment professionally wiped, you can get certificates issued as proof should you need them. All data needs to be destroyed in a secure manner to abide by legal requirements.

At Recycling Your IT, we are experienced in working with sensitive information and would be happy to discuss our procedures for data destruction. Our professionalism in this area is second to none.

Environmental Factors in Recycling old Office Equipment

Not only is it a legal requirement to properly dispose of old IT kit, it is also part of many company’s environmental policy to ensure the recycling and reusing of as much as possible. Any reputable recycling company will break down old IT equipment into component parts or materials. Any old but working computers, printers etc. can be wiped and refurbished for donation to community or charitable projects should you so wish. Anything that cannot be reused and is broken down will see its component parts or materials being recycled into new products for future use.

There is very little that cannot be recycled, and we uphold our policy of disposing of as little as possible into landfill.

Everything you recycle with us can be certificated and traced so you know that it has been dealt with properly. We are fully insured and licensed and you are more than welcome to ask any specific questions about our policies and procedures with regards to recycling your old office equipment.

We also have your safety in mind and adhere to all Government guidance around COVID-19 and keeping you and our staff as safe as possible.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team.