Does data destruction really clear data from computers?

October 19, 2015

Data destruction on disk

There are usually two steps to deleting data from old computers, the first step is the step that any user can perform and that is simply to delete the files or folders from the computer so it is no longer accessible through the Operating System. This may seem like the file has been removed completely but the file will still be present on the hard drive.

The next stage if you wanted a more permanent solution is to look at data destruction software that can overwrite these blocks on the hard drive until the file or files can no longer be accessed. This method of data destruction covers up the blocks using random data, but the question is, is that still enough to make that data irretrievable from the hard drive?

Firstly it will come down to the type of software you that is being used to perform the data destruction, or the service that you are going to use. Generally speaking, most software types will erase all the data successfully from the hard drive by permanently overwriting that information in the blocks or spaces that it has been allocated on your hard drive. This is the best way to protect yourself if you are selling a hard drive to a stranger or recycling it.

The Different Types of Data Destruction

Data destruction if you want to be sure has been performed fully is best done through a professional company as this will give you enough peace-of-mind when it comes to confidential and sensitive data that nothing has been left behind on the hard drive. This is any personal data or photos that you don’t want to risk getting into the wrong hands.

Generally people tend to overwrite a complete hard drive with several characters, although one single character should prevent any file or document recovery program from obtaining or recovering a copy of whatever is on the drive. This is universally agreed upon.
There are many types of data destruction programs and services on the market at the moment that does anything from shredding data, over-writing data and disk wiping. Some types of software can be much slower than other but on the whole a data destruction program can provide a secure, efficient and a reliable way of completely erasing any data on the hard drive once and for all.