Computer Recycling Company in the UK

September 10, 2020

computers needing recylcing

Recycling Your IT are an experienced Computer Recycling Company in the UK, based in Essex and working across the South East of the country.

Computer and IT equipment becomes obsolete within a few years and this means that to keep your workforce as efficient as possible you need to be replacing your technology on a semi-regular basis. Legislation means that you have to dispose of old computers in a certain way. But aside from the legal angle, what are the environmental and social benefits of recycling?

  1. Doing your part to support local projects
    Whilst your computers may not stand up to the level of usage for the demands of a busy workplace, they can often be refurbished and reused in the communities. There are several projects that help support local schools, lower income families and charities. So by donating your old equipment, you could really be helping others to gain access to computers when they wouldn’t necessarily be able to under normal circumstances.
  2. Conserving resources
    By recycling your computer you negate the need for new materials to be produced, this limits the amount of resources needed. There are so many components that can be reused and recycled. Whether it be the computer in it’s entirety, the hard drive or circuit boards, or by breaking it down into raw materials once again. Parts can even be used in the production of brand new PC’s and laptops.
  3. Creating the right ethos
    By highlighting to staff, suppliers and customers your commitment to recycling, you can help to encourage others to do the same. Not only that, but it opens up potential customers that are only inclined to do business with ethical and environmentally aware businesses. Having a clear policy of recycling and reusing where possible, also helps you to create this culture throughout the business and beyond.

Working with a company like Recycling Your IT gives you a great amount of visibility in terms of what happens to your old equipment. They are fully insured and licensed and are able to properly wipe sensitive data before recycling. If you want to discuss your computer recycling needs in more detail and are based in the South East of the UK, then please do get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements.