Computer Recycling and Identity Theft

April 21, 2010

Businesses and individuals are replacing their computers at a fast rate. Unfortunately, the question of what to do with all those old computers has become a major problem. Recycling computers is vitally important to protect the environment from the harmful toxins used to make computer parts.

Computer recycling not only benefits the environment but many needy organisations, businesses and individuals. Budgets are being reduced and funding for many organisations is being slashed as the economy continues to sputter. Schools, charities, churches and community centers are feeling the effects from lack of resources.

It is important to recycle but you must also take into consideration the growth of identity theft. Identity theft can seriously affect your life in many ways. Think about how much of your personal information and data is stored on your PC, and what someone could do with that information. For businesses the consequences of the wrong person getting their hands on confidential documents and data are equally severe.

Once you’ve decided to recycle your computer(s), you need a plan to erase all the data permanently. Simply deleting files isn’t enough, nor is taking a hammer to the hard drive. The easiest way to have complete peace of mind is to let an ethical computer recycling company do it for you.

Recycling Your IT can guarantee that your data cannot be recovered by either wiping the hard drive with a specialist piece of software which eradicates the data to US Government defense standards, or by shredding the hard drive through a commercial shredding machine making sure it comes out in chunks of 1cm or less. We will even issue you with a certificate that states the hard drive wipe procedure was performed. It is important to recycle but just as important to protect your identity from theft.