Common excuses for not recycling electronic waste

November 18, 2010

Most businesses know they should be recycling their electronic waste, but still have all sorts of excuses why they needn’t bother. Time, hassle and ignorance are common excuses, as is the excuse that it won’t make that much difference anyway.

However this isn’t true. If every business makes sure they recycle their electrical equipment properly it will make a huge difference to the environment and resources, not to mention how many of those who are less fortunate can be helped by donations of ‘old’ computers and other electronics.

What about the time it takes though? Gathering up those electronics and finding staff who are willing to take it to the relevant recycling facilities is a hassle.

Many people also claim ignorance regarding recycling old electronics. They’re not sure where to take it or what should be done with it. Should it be donated for reuse, broken up into usable parts or recycled for its base materials?

None of these are valid excuses anymore though. These days you can have your old IT equipment collected and properly disposed of without any interruption to your working day. Using a service like this eliminates both the time and hassle factors, and it also gives you extra assurance that your e-waste is being reused or recycled in the best possible way and according to government regulations.

Businesses in particular do have responsibilities regarding e-waste, and regulations are likely to become stricter as time goes by. Businesses who are not complying don’t have the luxury of claiming ignorance or being ‘time short’, so finding an easy, hassle free solution to disposing of old electronics is a must.