5 Reasons to Recycle Your IT

June 18, 2020

old IT kit for recycling

You need to refresh your business technology every so often, and when you do, you need a solution for your computers, monitors and other technology. The answer? Recycling.

You may never have considered recycling your IT; especially when so many people simply throw their IT into the garbage and let it go to landfill. Thankfully, times have changed and people have decided to start paying more attention to the environment in which they are living. Recycling is more important than ever, and recycling your IT is at the top of the priority list. If you’re still on the fence about bringing your IT to a recycling centre, take a look at our five reasons to recycle your IT below.

Be A Hero

We all have a little bit of “save the world” in us, and while we can’t don a cape and be Superman, we can all make a point of saving the planet in the best way that we know how. Recycling your IT is easy and as computers and technology can be taken apart and the parts reused elsewhere, it’s a smart decision. Doing this will help you to stop filling up landfills, especially when computer chemicals are some of the most toxic on the planet. You get to be a little bit of a hero and don your own “cape” when you recycle your IT.

Protect Your Data

Simply throwing your computer tower into the tip is a bad idea because of the way that your computer stores data. If you throw away the computer, you’re throwing away your hard drive and it doesn’t take much to extract the information on it. When you recycle your IT, you can guarantee that your data will be erased.

You’re Following Regulations

Given the chemicals and the laws behind disposing of them, you would be following regulations to recycle your IT. The best bit? You’re going to stick to the law when you recycle your IT – it’s what you want to do!

Save Some Money

You could save a lot of cash when you bring your computer to the manufacturer to recycle. They will be able to take it apart and reuse the parts elsewhere in most cases, and you can get a discount on a newer model when you do it. The offer of money off for a recycling programme is a great incentive to do it!

Safe Disposal

When you recycle your IT, you can guarantee your materials are going to be recycled properly and anything left over is disposed of safely.

Technology is moving faster than ever, so you can expect that your technology can be recycled into new things as many times as you need to when you recycle your IT. Preventing landfill waste and toxic chemical spills are important, and when you can reuse products and parts, you should! We’ve listed five of many reasons that you should recycle your IT, but there are so many more reasons out there. Recycle your IT today and make a difference.